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Our goal is to provide cost  effective professional engineering solutions and professional  development training to our clients.  The training is done locally in a  classroom setting or at the client's facility resulting in reduced  travel time and expense.  The result is an affordable solution to skills  upgrading and continuing education for professionals.



To maintain a long-lasting  relationship with our clients based on exceptional professional  service and customized engineering solutions that meets our clients'  needs.

We take all necessary measures to ensure success by  striving to meet and exceed our client's expectations.  Our instructors  are well qualified with years of experience in their chosen field so  they can apply the necessary expertise to ensure the highest  professional standards.



Ray Stoodley is a Senior Electrical  engineer with over 40 years experience in the design of electrical  systems for commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. In the  last eight years he has focused on the Electrical Safety field and has  received training in the use of Arc Flash Analysis software, attended  several Electrical Workplace Safety workshops and worked as an  Electrical Safety Consultant performing electrical safety audits and  electrical safety training for many clients.



Real Solution’s “Arc Flash and  Electrical Safety” is an excellent foundation course to understand Arc  Flash and establishing an Electrical Safety Program within your  organization.  Ray Stoodley’s experience shows through as he passes  along 40 years of electrical design and construction experience.  Ray  begins with an understanding of the Owner’s legal responsibility and  builds a safety program based on current CSA standards.  I recommend  this course for practicing engineers, project managers, safety leads and  others that represent their organization’s Owner.
For my role as a project manager, it was two days well invested.
Bill O’Keefe, P. Eng.
Project Manager
Surmount Consulting

Comment on Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training course by electrical workers at Kruger, Corner Brook, NL:
Good course, very relevant ;
Great course;
Great course, highly recommend to others

Comment on Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training course by Nalcor engineer:
The  information presented was useful and delivered in a clear way.  Really  enjoyed the varied media (videos, whiteboard, drawings, ppt, etc.) and  the classroom discussion.  Great job Ray.

Comment on Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training course by NL Dept. of Transportation and Works engineer:
Thanks  for putting off the electrical safety training on Tuesday past.   It  was very worthwhile training, packed with invaluable information and you  did a great job presenting it.  I expect we will likely be looking to  get more training in the future on this for other staff.